The discrepancies between sales in the cash register and at the Financial Administration server are caused by so-called “duplicate receipts”. Why are they created?

The duplication is a common attribute that may occur during fiscalization when communicating with the Financial Administration servers. A typical duplication may occur when the cash register sends a document to be recorded, but does not receive the fiscalization code from the server during the specified time period. In that case an offline PKP code is printed and the receipt is sent to be fiscalized later. These receipts are fiscalized automatically every 30 minutes.

When the original receipt was accepted by the Financial Administration server but was not processed and sent back in time or the cash register did not receive the message due to slow connection or sent it repeatedly, a duplication occurs. This is a standard performance as defined in technical specifications of the ERS communication.

When there are duplicate messages to one sale, that sale will be added to the sum of Total amounts and Number of sales in the ERS application on the tax website only once. All messages will be displayed in the file Detailed information on sales and in the ERS application they are appropriately marked in the column duplication (0 or 1).

The multiple receipt is recorded as a duplication and is marked with an attribute of repeated sending. These receipts are automatically filtered by the Financial Administration and do not increase sales anyhow. From the tax website you can download the daily sales export and compare it with data in TouchPo Cloud.

On the tax website (czech) you can apply for the relevant data export in which the possible duplications can be found. The file will be prepared to be downloaded in few days. In the communication with the Financial Administration the duplicate receipts are a common feature.

The discrepancies between sales in the cash register and at the Financial Administration server are caused by using inappropriate data in TouchPo Cloud.

Another source of discrepancies may be when a sales overview statement is obtained from TouchPo Cloud incorrectly. When using the export of default sales overview in TouchPo Cloud you have to realize that the overview contains also sales with non-fiscalized receipts. So if you use the function not to fiscalize receipts or use sale invoices with bank transfers, any comparison with the overview on the Financial Administration website is usually not possible.

Thus for the comparison with the fiscalized sales at the Financial Administration website we recommend to use only the set VAT breakdown (VAT recapitulative statement report) and apply the filter FISCALIZED. By doing this only the fiscalized sales are displayed or exported and then you can compare them with the Financial Administration records.


The information on how the duplicate receipts are processed by the Financial Administration can be found in this document (czech).